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Aaron Aikman

Senior Technical Artist II

Phoenix Tools


Maya modeling and unwrapping toolkit


The vast majority of my tools made in Maya were on the job and so I can’t show them, but here’s a toolkit I made to help myself with modeling an unwrapping

This demonstrates some tools for quickly adjusting pivots for objects and for adjusting manipulator orientation across objects. PhoenixTools Gif 01

This tool is for creating a hole in a mesh. If I were to redo this, I would automate a few of the steps here. PhoenixTools Gif 02

This is a shortcut for transferring UVs. There are also tools for unfolding pipes and straightening UVs. PhoenixTools Gif 03

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Aaron Aikman is a Senior Technical Artist II with 7+ years of experience. He focuses mainly on shaders, pipeline, and problem-solving.