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Aaron Aikman

Senior Technical Artist II

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Referrals for positions at Blizzard Entertainment

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I’m not a recruiter or headhunter for Blizzard, but I am able to extend employee referrals via links. Here are some positions you should apply for if you see something that might be a good fit for your talents!

Technical Art

Blizzard FaviconSpacerAssociate or Staff Character Technical Artist - Diablo IV

Blizzard FaviconSpacerAssociate or Staff or Senior Technical Artist VFX Pipeline - Diablo IV

Art Outsourcing

Blizzard FaviconSpacerSenior Character Outsource Supervisor - Diablo IV


Blizzard FaviconSpacerAssoc/Mid/Senior Lighting Artist - Diablo IV

General Art

Blizzard FaviconSpacerSenior Artist (Generalist) - Diablo IV

Environment Art

Blizzard FaviconSpacerStaff and Senior Environment Artist - Diablo IV


Blizzard FaviconSpacerLead Engineer - Diablo Live Operations

Blizzard FaviconSpacerSoftware Engineer, Tools - Diablo IV

Other Openings

For a full list of openings see the Blizzard FaviconSpacerBlizzard Job Openings page

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Aaron Aikman is a Senior Technical Artist II with 7+ years of experience. He focuses mainly on shaders, pipeline, and problem-solving.